#Wordless Wednesday


  1. Jackie, I watched your video and it was just so wonderful to hear your beautiful melodious voice speaking such positive words. Well done dear girlfriend. I wish you just a huge success with this new form of your creative expression.


  2. The paintings look enigmatic. I can imagine all the inspiring stories in that history. Men have weathered hardships for such a long time. I guess life will never be smooth, but we’ll keep striving to make it better. Thank you JoHanna.

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  3. Hello Jacqueline! This is a painting of the Hopi Tribe moving in mass from Oraibi to Hoteville in 1906. I stood before it in this small southwestern museum (Smoki), thinking of all of the millions of displaced people currently on refugee, immigrant, and migrant journeys globally….and that the year the Hopi Tribe moved to Hoteville, depicted in the painting, is the same year my own family immigrated to the United States.

    Going to start some coffee Of course I’ll watch your Utube Video. All my best to you, and thank you for stopping by.

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