12 thoughts on “#Wordless Wednesday

    1. Hello to you Joey. The Ravens have a real history of being shape shifters. So much myth and mystery surrounds these birds. My favorite story is the ravens listen to other species, watches carefully all that takes place, collects a lifetime of stories and passes them on to the other ravens, which pass them on to next generations, making the ravens our one and true keeper of the earths history.
      Thank you for stopping by dear, and have yourself an excellent weekend.

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    1. Hello ! Thank you for stopping by, dear Marni. Thank you for your lovely comment. I encourage anyone reading this to go visit ‘auntiemwrites’ where you will find my dear friend, Marni Graft, winner of the Best British Cozy Award for her mystery ‘Blue Virgin.’ I pack her mysteries to take on holiday, and they continue to delight. Book reviews and recommendations of fellow authors is excellent.


    1. The entire summer has featured daily visits, and overhead surveillance on morning hikes by this pair of ravens. Some days pretty magical, other days creepy. I especially like the second one myself. Thank you for stopping by. All my best to you.

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