In A Huge Scale

“I decided
that if I could paint that flower
in a huge scale,
you could not
ignore its beauty.
A walk to the car from an excellent lunch at Ewa’s ,
Thai Cuisinein Flagstaff,  discovered this very cool street art along an alley wall. I could not find the artists name anywhere unfortunately.  It really plays with scale well I think. Standing looking in is quite striking .

A safe and interesting weekend to each and everyone.


    1. Oh so do I, Ken. What is so sad is to see people so spellbound by their phones that they walk right past incredible art and expressed ideas/beauty without even ever knowing it was there as a gift for them to enjoy and appreciate. Always good to hear from you. Thank you.


  1. These are very interesting. I am a big fan of street art – we have lots of it here in Philly, with a whole “Mural Arts” project that is pretty active.

    My wife and I will be in Flagstaff in April 2018. I would love to look this stuff up, if you can send me some details on locations (or meet us for a tour?)

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    1. Hi Jack: Always good to hear from you. Only recently discovering/enjoying the street art in Flagstaff. The area I am currently exploring is Off Rt 40- South of the Railroad Tracks-From Beaver Street , over San Francisco, to Agazzi. There are also an abundance of reasonably priced and excellent eateries/breweries in the area.

      Here’s a link to a Flagstaff Citystreet map of the area ( However, I also caught a glimpse of a real large beauty on the other side of town, but heavy traffic precludes certain location ID. Certain they cover a much larger area of town than my current interest. Also did a piece on another large beautiful mural in the area you will be visiting called:
      The Mother Road: Route 66 (

      I also found this link to Public Art in Flagstaff: ( I’m having too much fun to use the map, but if I had a limit on time I would definitely use it.

      The Museum of Northern Arizona is a must see while you are in the area.

      Enjoyed my years of Guiding very much,however, I no longer tour. Appreciate the invitation though. All my best to you, and look forward to reading your impressions of Flagstaff on what will certainly be an excellent adventure.


    1. So did I . They appear quite small from a distance in relation to the largest figures. Once closer, they turn out to be quite large, detailed, and quite delightful. Appreciate your kind words. Thank you.


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