On a Cosmic Scale

On a cosmic scale,
Our life is insignificant,
Yet this brief period
When we appear in the world
Is the time
In which all meaningful questions arise.

Paul Ricoeur

In all my years of climbing up and about on the red rocks I never embraced repelling off of them with a  rebels yell.  It’s soft sedimentary trickster rock for the most part, goes loose without warning,  hand holds bust unannounced, …it’s a long way down to ugly hurtful brush, unforgiving hard rock.

Dangling  off the sides of rock  formations by ropes/slings, unless bolts, pins, anchors were newly set and doubled up and it was absolutely work related necessary, with a lot of trust for my workmate,  was never enjoyable for me.

In the last few years I’ve observed  an increase in young folks scaling/repelling the red beauties in Sedona, often without so much as a helmet.  It’s high tourist season here . I’m hoping that those considering this sport while visiting Sedona will get a local Professional Guide who can assist in equipment/water you will need, know  the area, supervise, guide you.

A safe and excellent day to each and everyone.



  1. Incredible. Years ago I was hiking thru Garden of the Gods on Colorado and heard chatter in the distance. Yep, I looked up and saw rock climbers dangling from a sheer face. I scanned the around and saw several more.

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