As I Go Ramblin Round

Ramblin’ around your city
Ramblin’ around your town
I never see a friend I know
As I go ramblin’ ’round, boys
As I go ramblin’ ’round-

There are many visitors rambling around the Verde Valley right now. People from all over our shared round planet.  I wonder how many will, amid their busy holiday schedule,  pause along Oak Creek, and catch a glimpse of this meditating Water Cairn, quite mysterious, rounded,  and reassuring.

Joining this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge : Rounded , headed up by  Many just excellent entries to view. Or better yet join in.

A safe and peaceful day to one and all.

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New Oxford American: Rounded-rounded |ˈroundəd|                                   adjective: 1 having a smooth, curved surface: rounded gray hills.having a spherical shape: its rounded, almost bulbous head.forming circular or elliptical shapes: his writing was firm and rounded.

Phonetics (of a vowel): pronounced with the lips pursed. 2 well developed in all aspects; complete and balanced: we should educate children to become rounded human beings.


    1. Hi Bernadette. So good to hear from you. I had to look up the definition of ‘extrapolation’ (noun
      the action of estimating or concluding something by assuming that existing trends will continue or a current method will remain applicable: sizes were estimated by extrapolation | caution is advised in the interpretation and extrapolation of results | the figure is an extrapolation from prior data.
      • Mathematics the extension of a graph, curve, or range of values by inferring unknown values from trends in the known data: extrapolation of the logarithmic curve yielded an estimate of 66 species.’
      All my best to you. -JoHanna


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