Unless……We Get A Little Crazy

Miracles will happen
As we speak
But we’re never
Gonna survive …unless
We get a little crazy-
Crazy- Seal


Hawks  arrive unannounced… my lived long life.  When three show up, two Harlan’s and a Red tailed on one morning walk, chances are they arrive  and bestow with a screech, glide,  and potent stare,…. a feeling of optimism, encouragement, wonderment, and change, …which I am pleased to share a glimpse of with you. A most excellent way to begin the day.


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In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Peek to show you a peek this week of what I see and am able to capture on the camera.

Oxford American’s Writer’s Thesaurus;

PEEK- noun: a peek at the map: secret look, sly look, stealthy look, sneaky look, peep, glance, glimpse, hurried/quick look; informal gander, squint.

Wishing each and everyone a most safe and peaceful weekend.



  1. Thank you so very much. I just returned from morning walk where I saw one of the hawks again, so close and just staring at me. …alas the morning I decided not to take the camera! Always great to hear form you.

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  2. Yes, I remember being in NYC and fairly sure I heard a hawk calling from overhead on a very busy street. My city friend told me about the raptors nesting up high over the buzz of the city. Amazing.


  3. So far so good from the birders. I enjoy them whatever their designation. Taking and now sharing these pictures is just marvelous. Thank you for your kind words. All my best to you, Joey…have an excellent weekend.

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  4. They are magnificent birds, JoHanna, and magnificently fierce! I see one occasionally drop by for take-out, leaving with a squirrel or mouse. Bale eagles and osprey also nest in our area. Thanks for sharing your ‘peak.’ –Curt

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  5. You got great shots of them! We have some hawks around here and I never get a good shot. This is why, although I believe we have red-tails, I can’t be certain. I posted some pics once and people liked to have strangled one another fighting over identification. 😦
    Beautiful photos, well done!

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  6. So do I. Crossing Oklahoma by trusty pickup one autumn, my best friend and I saw 52 hawks in one day. It truly was just magic. Thank you for your kind words and comments, Loisajay. Always such a pleasure to hear from you.

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  7. ‘a little crazy’ is such a good thing. The hawks are wonderful, Johanna. I love to be driving down the highway, looking up and seeing them soaring overhead. Magnificent creatures!

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