A Handful of Good Neighbors

“Out yonder they may curse, revile, and torture one another,
Defile all the human instincts
Make a shambles of creation (if it were in their power),
But here, no, here, it is unthinkable,
Here there is abiding peace,
The peace of God, and the serene security
Created by a handful of good neighbors
Living at one with the creature world.”
― Henry Miller, Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch

The Village of Belhaven in North Carolina has moments of pure serenity. Sunrise is one.

Peace and Blessings.



    1. Thank you Joey. When I read the choice Ben Hubberman had made for this weeks Photo Challenge, I immediately knew those photos of Belhaven said serene as it was how I felt when taking them. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

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    1. Belhaven is one of my favorite places on the east coast of the U.S. There are moments in a day there when it feels as though the entire Village has paused, it’s so calm.
      So happy you enjoyed the photos. Thank you for stopping by.


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