“Beep Beep”

“Beep Beep.” Roadrunner

Road Runner showed Herself this week, and certainly is cheeky, in my  anthropomorphic opinion.

Two foot long, strutting about wearing a demure crested crown on Her Royal Head, then choosing to run away at an average eighteen miles per hour sprint with those long strutting legs now appearing parallel with the ground. Flirtatiously, She shows a glimpse of Her white tipped tail used as a rudder, an  air-brake, and for balance often the only proof  She gives of Her presence .

Forget tracking Roadrunner. She has two toes pointing forward and two backward, making it impossible to know, once vanished …if she has come or gone. Roadrunners distinctive X footprint is featured prominently in Tribal and Mexican designs and stories as warding off evil. Roadrunner is said in story/legend to embody resilience, courage, strength, endurance and of course speed.

Roadrunner thrives in feathered desert camouflage throughout the Southwest of the United States, but I have seen Her in the depths of Louisiana, a snake hanging from Her beak, the feathers beneath Her chin fluffing to cool her body down.

Road Runner may only weigh in at an average of a pound, but during Her maybe six year lifespan, She will consume thousands of grasshoppers, lizards, snakes, and small mammals, poisonous or not irrelevant, with no toxic effect when swallowed properly. Water can be, and often is  scarce in the desert. The moisture in Roadrunner’s  food supplies needed fluids. , and physical adaptations allows Roadrunner to secrete salty solutions from a duct under Her eyes, rather than in the larger amount of fluid lost through her kidneys.

Roadrunner has been teasing me for several weeks, a peep here, a ‘BEEP BEEP’ there, never really showing herself, until with no explanation, She strutted out in full view, looked me square in the eye, and jumped lightly to the corner of the garden wall where Fox paused just a week or so ago, and allowed an astonished me to get several photos, then the cheeky  gal was……gone.

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

A safe and most excellent weekend to one and all.

New Oxford American Dictionary

cheeky | ˈCHēkē | adjective (cheekier, cheekiest)-  chiefly British – impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way: a cheeky grin. DERIVATIVES cheekiness | ˈCHēkēnəs | noun

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    1. They actually, especially with poisonous toads, swallow them head first to avoid the barbs from damaging their throat and leaving them vulnerable to the toxins.Thank you for visiting and contributing to the conversation.

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    1. Thank you Irene. I have an inkling She has been this close before, but is so good at camouflage, in both coloring and behavior that I simply do not see Her. Always a pleasure to hear from you, Irene.

      Just returned from a nice look a bout of your latest jewelry offerings. Irene, they are beautiful. Every single piece so original and delicate but made to wear. True artisan Irene!

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  1. Oh wow she is so cool!! Doesn’t look much like the cartoon roadrunner we grew up with…but still. How lucky you were to capture pics of her…that must have been so exciting! Love it. And an excellent weekend to you my friend…beep beep. 😉

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    1. First time I saw a Roadrunner: Years ago, my old worn patio furniture cushions began to get holes in them and the stuffing disappearing. One day I looked up and a roadrunner was perched on the back of a chair, looking in the window, with a mouth full of the stuffing. Do not see them very often as they are so good at not being seen.

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    1. So hard for me to capture with the camera, so much fun to gossip about. Once told of how Two Roadrunners will hunt together for Rattlesnake. One Roadrunner performs a loud, attention grabbing dance that gets Rattlesnakes full unsuspecting attention, while the other Roadrunner comes close from behind Rattlesnake, seizes the snake below the head, dashes with full force the snakes head against a rock and while Rattlesnake is battered and unconscious, Roadrunners finish Rattlesnake off and share a meal.

      I adored Roadrunner/Coyote as a child. Thank for stopping by. All my best to you.


    1. Oh that is such a nice good thing to hear from you Joey. Thank you. Roadrunner is certainly an interesting birds. Has this weird habit of killing snakes and lizards that are way too big for Her to eat, and swallow as much as She can, having the remaining dangle from Her mouth, a slow on the go digestion…and fairly starling to catch a glimpse of when She is running full tilt into gone.
      Thank you for your kind words and all my best to you.

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    1. Coyote is always close Curt. Only see Coyote when She chooses to show Herself. Capturing photos of birds, especially flit here and there, hardly ever still Roadrunner is a big challenge for me. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Best to you and Peggy during this season of holidays. Thank you.


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