A Grand Gift Of Silence

“You have a grand gift for silence, Watson.
It makes you quite invaluable as a companion.”
Sherlock Holmes via Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A recent day of shared silence… hiking the  Little-Horse Trail #61 to Chicken Point in Sedona Arizona. A hike which I now share silently with you in Photographs:

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

New Oxford American Dictionary-
Origins: Middle English: from Old French, from Latin silentium, from silere be silent.                                                                                                                            
silence–  | ˈsīləns | noun complete absence of sound: sirens pierce the silence of the night | an eerie silence descended over the house.                                         the fact or state of abstaining from speech: Karen had withdrawn into sullen silence | she was reduced to silence for a moment.                                                    the avoidance of mentioning or discussing something: politicians keep their silence on the big questions. •                                                                                       the state of standing still and not speaking as a sign of respect for someone deceased or in an opportunity for prayer: a moment of silence presided over by a local minister.

verb [with object] cause to become silent; prohibit or prevent from speaking: the team’s performance silenced their critics | freedom of the press cannot be silenced by tanks. (usually as adjective silenced) fit (a gun or other loud mechanism) with a silencer: a silenced .22 rifle.

PHRASES in silence without speech or other sound: we finished our meal in silence.

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A Safe and Peace-filled weekend to each and everyone.


News/Music: Simon & Garfunkel- Sounds of Silence


  1. Thank you so much. The rocks haven’t changed much, but like many places since the seventies the Verde Valley has more traffic, more people, many hotels and restaurants, an economy based on tourism, and a very real need for affordable housing. I adore Arizona, and there is still much open space, quiet, and big sky and wildness. …it just takes a bit more effort to get to it. Great to hear from you and appreciate your kind words. All my best, – JoHanna


  2. Woke up this morning to an actual wind blown stormy morning. Do hope we get some rain with it. Meanwhile I do think it is a good day to stay indoors and do a scrub on the Townhouse. An excellent Saturday to you Nancy.

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  3. Wonderful photos. I was in Sedona when I no longer walked the paths you picture. I did visit and explore the white building with the cross-shaped windows. Silence I find everyday as near as breathing.

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  4. Oh that is so funny. That will teach me to not keep close vigil on what you are up to! I only recently took these and it was just such a lovely day I was eager to share them. Photos of the beloved red rocks are beautiful…no matter whose photo behind the camera lens. All my best to you Curt.

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  5. In 1932, Marguerite Brunswig Staude had a vision while seeing the brand new Empire State Building. The Chapel of the Holy Cross was the result She was a sculptress, philanthropist, and devout Catholic, who believed the arts should be in service of spirit and indeed, considered the Chapel of the Holy Cross to be her greatest artistic achievement. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places, and quite popular with visitors. Thank you for your comments.

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  6. Laughing, JoHannah since I just put many of the same photos up on yesterday’s post and will be putting more up next Wednesday as part of my Wednesday Photo Essay series. In fact I just finished processing the photos for next week. Yours are beautiful, but then how can we go wrong with the beautiful country around Sedona! –Curt

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