From Immigrants And Revolutionists

“Remember, remember always
That all of us,
And You and I especially,
Are descended
From Immigrants and Revolutionists.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt
President of the United States 1933-1945


Peace and Blessings to each and everyone.



    1. President Roosevelt has always been of interest to me because he came into office to face and resolve for the country the impact of the Great Depression(the worst global economic downturn in history), then Pearl Harbor(the bombing of the US Navel Fleet by Japan), the internment Japanese-Americans and seizure of their assets, and World War 2 (1939-1945).

      Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a safe, blessed, and joyful Easter.

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    1. Thanks Curt. Flared this photo capture some to avoid showing there are actually two birds in this photo. The hawk having a decidedly better day than the dove.
      All my best to you and Peggy.


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