A One Time Event

“Revolution is not a one time event.”
Audre Lorde


Audre Lorde, deep to the bone voice poet and feminist who championed the rights of the marginalized, comes to mind as I listen to the young people  speaking out and making their voices heard their visions and goals clear, and their commitment an honest one.  I am just thrilled at the groundswell of positive activism taking place globally. And the diversity of the voices is reassuring.

Peace and Blessings to Each and Everyone.


  1. My wife and I will be staying in Flagstaff for a week, from April 20-27. I saved your photos from the Little Horse Trail, in your January post. Would love to get your advice about other things to see and do – and photograph! – in the Sedona/Flagstaff area. We are heading to the Grand Canyon, of course, and after 4/27 will be heading north to Bryce and Zion. Suggestions and advice are welcome!

    Looks like the weather will still be “brisk” (50’s) as we head to higher elevations to the north of Phoenix. Any suggestions for dealing with wide temperature variations at this time of year? (we will of course bring multiple layers of clothing, but don’t want to overdo it, either).

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    1. Hello Jack. Looks like you have a most excellent adventure planned.

      My first big BIG suggestion is the dehydration factor. This is a really dry environment, and curdles people quickly. It’s not about being thirsty at all and that headache, fatigue, muscle cramping, stiff neck and pounding heart is just the beginning of what dehydration will do to your body and holiday plans. Layering is the key to clothes, and a good brimmed hat, eye drops, and lip balm as your new best friends. If I appear to make too big a deal out of needing to drink water, it’s having seen too many holidays ruined over folks claiming they do not need or like to drink water.

      Driving up from Phoenix, about midway the Rock Springs Cafe (http://rocksprings.cafe/) has the best pie on the planet..great food too. I would also remind you that the saguaro do not grow up in the higher elevations naturally, and many people miss the opportunity to get photos by not leaving 17 for a few minutes.

      For me, Sedona is all about the hiking/photos. if I were visiting I would hike Bear Mountain, LittleHorse to Chicken Point, Fay Canyon, and get down to the Creek at Canyon Moon State Park. That should give you Bragging rights photos.
      And take a ride around the Red Rock Loop road near the High-school in the late afternoon for some great photos.
      I’d visit V Bar V (https://johannamassey.com/category/arizona/v-bar-v-ranch/), I take my guests to Tlaquepaque
      (https://www.tlaq.com/) because it is quiet,
      photographs well, and settles their shopping urge. The Oak Creek Brewery there also has excellent food, the dark beers will get your attention.
      Exposures (https://johannamassey.com/2015/08/29/exposed-a-visit-to-sedonas-exposures-gallery/), for the sculpture garden. There is alot of good food in Sedona and it can be pricey. I enjoy the cafe that is next to the McDonalds for breakfast, I have always just called it the Cafe, the Thai Spices for lunch.
      I would take a long slow drive up Oak Creek Canyon on my way out of town.

      My best advice on the Grand Canyon is that when you are standing there on the edge with all those people……..think how much better the experience could be if you simply walked down one of the trails a short distance. You would leave most of the others, the hustle, the noise behind, it would get quiet and you would have a very different experience with a most beautiful place. If I were choosing an activity for the Canyon I would do a white water raft trip. Even a short one is always memorable, and the view from the bottom humbling. North Rim is something to consider. Hope this helps. Have a most excellent adventure. All my best to you.


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