The Willow Tree Is You

“How can we live without our lives?
How will we know it’s us without our past?”
How if you wake up in the night and know
Know the willow tree’s not there?
Can you live without the willow tree?
Well, no, you can’t.
The willow tree is you”
John Steinbeck



The desert willows are in blossom. Entire neighborhoods and stream corridors besotted with their fragrance.  The walled garden vibrates with colorful life. Birds, bees, wasps, moths, and butterflies bring, leave, and take pollen, their fertilization dance. The willows whirl, bend, twirl, and pirouette in the afternoon wind, showing their resilience, strength, often wild, yet always graceful,  rhythms.

Two timely websites worthy of monitoring:

Arizona Government Site   regarding Current Wildfire and Prescribed Burn Locations, Smoke,  and Ozone levels, road, trail restrictions and closures, plus  heat advisories. Need perspective? As I write this,  Cold Mountain Fire has burned 16,000 acres with no containment, Woodbury 13,000 with 30% containment, and Mountain Fire 7,500 acres with 51% containment.  It’s an excellent site to monitor if you are in Arizona,  arriving soon,  or making plans.

Monsoon Awareness Week in Arizona is this week, Monsoon begins Saturday June 15.

Wishing you a calm, peaceful, some fun and a safe weekend. Thank you for stopping by and supporting

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