If You Surrendered

“If you surrendered to the air,
You could ride it.”
From “Song of Solomon,” 1977
Tony Morrison

Dawn showed up with a technicolor promise of an anything is possible day, including both virga, and a rainbow.  Oh how I do love Arizona skies.

Virga is a shaft of rain or ice falling from a cloud that evaporates before reaching the ground.

And a rainbow, appearing directly opposite the coming up sun. An arch, perhaps a circle, of sunlight entering and leaving water droplets. Refracting and reflecting and showing up in enough colors to full stop the morning walk about to just gaze at the purples, reds, greens,  and breathe, and maybe, just maybe, surrender enough to ‘ride the air’ for a timeless moment.

Thought I would share these early morning high desert sky photos with you. Thank you for stopping by and supporting  JoHannaMassey.com. Always appreciated. My best to you,

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