Our Children, Our Children, Our Children.

“My vision for the future always centers around our children –
So anytime anybody asks me
What are the three most important issues facing the Congress,
I always say the same thing:
‘Our children, our children, our children.’ ”
Nancy Pelosi

Early morning walk about on the Courthouse Butte Trail.  I especially enjoy this trail.  Once into the wilderness areas use is limited to hiking and horses only, and there are stretches when that sense of being way outside in nature takes hold,  though the edge of the Village of Oak Creek is close. By mid morning this trail will be very busy, as Bell Rock shares the parking lot, and often is the first and only out of the vehicle stop people visiting or passing through Sedona make.

We disappeared for several hours, enjoyed a  second breakfast picnic and laze-about atop a favorite perch, and then on the return joined loads of local and on holiday visitors having their Sedona Red Rock experience.  Many out loud conversations taking place, emphatic insistent kind of talk.  All abuzz with concern for the functioning as a Democracy of the United States Government , climate change, and military budgets. Conversations centered on concern for Children, Grandchildren, Education, Gun Violence, Income, and Planet Earth.

There was scant usual  Sedona talk of karma, reinvention, vibrational vortexes, geology, sports teams, and the next activity on overbooked holidays …replaced with voices rising and echoing in non partisan emotionally charged talk of concern, next steps forward,  and desire for the United States three branches of Government to function as intended.  These observations on conversation are included in this photo essay as such seriousness from folks mostly on holiday and the sheer number and volume of  their speech … a first experience on a morning walk about path I have traveled many times over many morning. The non partisan tenor surprising, hopeful and unheard in recent times.

Peace and blessings to each and every one. Your visit to my website is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Capital Butte Loop- Sedona Arizona- JoHanna Massey – October 2019

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