Huckaby Trail # 161- Sedona Arizona

I’m going to do what feeds my soul.

Elijah Cummings

Camel Rock from Schnebbly Hill

Out early to hike the Huckaby Trail #161. It’s a three mile trail where many of the famously named and photographed formations show up.  From Schnebbly Hill across  Bear Wallow, then through several micro-climates down to a stretch along a riparian corridor to Oak Creek in the Canyon. That’s three miles if a vehicle is left at both ends of the trail. We chose a rounding six mile with the return views different perspectives and light.

The trail seduces, as it opens up to reveal big views of Sedona in it’s entirety. If you begin early you will witness from an elevated distance the hustle of folks getting to where they need to be, many to prepare for providing services to the thriving tourism industry currently at full tilt boogie.  The  racket soon falls away to the commanding scenery, Brins Mesa, Wilson Mountain, and Cibola Pass at a distance.

Mindful of the  long stretches of the declining slopes, being long stretches of ascending slopes  much later today.  The trail winding down to cross Bear Wallow Wash, then climbing  a half mile or so, then along the ridge line where we catch our first promised glimpses of Oak Creek Canyon.  Curving  round the top of Mitten Ridge with Steamboat Rock, Wilson Mountain and at the very top the edge of the Colorado Plateau.

Oak Creek Canyon - Sedona Arizona- MIdgley Bridge in Background- October 2019

Towards Midgely Bridge in the distance, where the trail will mark the half way of the day for us coming into view. The Trees along Oak  Creek and up into the Oak Creek Canyon are just on the edge of their annual extravaganza, a tease away from bursting into color.

The big picture vistas command attention, but the variety and nearness  of the flora and fauna, and eye level witnessing  the continuing eroding and sculpting of the Canyon walls into nooks, crannies, caves, and mysteries of the imagination is just as engaging.

A half mile and some down the trail brought us to the floodplain, then a stretch of riparian trees.  Then we followed the Creek towards Midgley Bridge.

To the first of two Oak Creek Crossings to Midgely Bridge, the Parking Lot, and Route 89A. We opted for a quiet picnic lunch,  beside Oak Creek.

On both the going and the return hike a “Congress” of Ravens stayed. Also known as a ‘conspiracy’ or an ‘unkindness’ of Ravens.  I enclose a slideshow of these beauties, who really put on some spectacular aerobatics on the uplift of the wind currents up close along the Red Rock and Canyon Walls.  Though present most of the day, hard to capture with the camera lens.

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Peace , Blessings, and the Pursuit of Activism followed by respite in Nature for each and every one.

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