The Thing About Mother Nature

That’s the thing about Mother Nature,
She really doesn’t care
What economic bracket you’re in.

Nothing better than a walk along the Verde River, and a picnic lunch  when the Saturday morning chores are done. Chose Dead Horse Ranch State Park, located in Cottonwood Arizona. It’s the kind of weather that has  increasing numbers of folks relocating to the Verde Valley, developers developing big housing plans for the area,  and the campgrounds and cabins located at the Dead Horse in the midst of a busy Saturday with RV’s,  Tents, cabins,  and Day visitors like us.

Along the way we spoke with people from Jersey, Brooklyn, and then the Bronx.  All relocated here within the last four years.  Lack of a good deli seemed to be the consensus on any relocation remorse. But loving the weather, recreational activities, and gorgeous outside places. Increasing intensity of storms  on the coast had them moving to this high desert country. No mentioned of the Impeachment Proceedings of the President currently underway here in the United States.

Big stretches of solitary quiet time too, to embrace nature and enjoy the details of calm.

Pleased to share these photos with you.  Know your visits are always appreciated. Thank you for stopping by and supporting

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