Confident But Respectful


Chose the Hiline Trail this day, a path which quickly requires the mind, body, emotions, and spirit to unify and go forward confident but respectful.

Hiking up closer to the sun, walking the edge and climbing up high. HiLine welcomes and surrounds with  beguiling distractions. But inattention to where your center of gravity, feet, hands,  are and will be next still rules. Too much rapture in the red rocks sedona fever distraction could result in biting consequences.

Winding up past the the snowline where the air is clear, cold, fills the lungs and energizes, senses sharpening  with big  views of Sedona and the warming Verde Valley floor below.

Ascending and descending steady curving but always upward, with the  north and south facing micro-climates showing off proudly their own particular details. The sounds of snow and ice falling off sun drenched rocks and tree branches, scrub jay and raven calling.

HiLine Trail- Sedona Arizona Janaury 2020 - JoHanna Massey

Where a whole universe may  be in the snowflakes,

Good to be outside playing round with the camera. Had fun using the lightning scarred cedars, cypress,  and pines holding onto the edge as picture frames for toying with the perception of shape,  proportion, distance, size, and reality.


And onward for a perfect top of the world blue Arizona sky view picnic and sun warmed rock lounge about. Then returning to share these photos of the day with you.

Thank You stopping by and supporting Wishing you peace, safety, strength, and laughter .

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