The Glint of Light

Don’t tell me the moon is shining;
Show me the glint of light
On broken glass.
Anton Chekhov
Up  Mingus Mountain to  Jerome .  Stopped in two shops to see what’s trending with tourists. The Pink Pussyhat and Flask racks now selling Anti Facial Recognition Surveillance Masks and Pepper Spray, the popularity of the Madonna,  Mother Teresa  portraits and trinkets replaced with images of Freda Kahlo, an artist from Mexico whose style of folk art explored questions of identity, post- colonialism, gender, class, and race.  I did not linger because I was on my way to play at ……

Nellie Bly - Jerome Arizona- February 2020- JoHanna Massey

Gallery- Nellie Bly - Jerome Arizona- February 2020- JoHanna Massey
Nellie Bly has been up in Jerome since 1988. A kaleidoscope shop as never experienced elsewhere with over ninety global artisans showing off their creations with hundreds of kaleidoscopes. My Sister first took me to Nellie Bly some thirty years ago, and I have returned with family, friends, and myself many times.  Customers have always been and continue to be welcomed in to  play with the Kaleidoscopes.  Employees never hover, intrude, sell or hustle anyone along,  but invite the reticent to join in, offer instruction on how to use cameras/phones to photograph the brilliant colors, designs, and always changing best eye candy ever. Kaleidoscopes come in every size, shape, and price range, so there is no need to resist purchasing one.
It was just a most excellent time to not only experience the kaleidoscopes, but to see people playing, relaxing, and interacting with astonishment and joy.
Peace and Blessings. Thank you for stopping by and supporting
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