Our Priorities

“We often need to lose sight of our priorities in order to see them.”
John Irving, Trying to Save Piggy Sneed

Sedona Proper has certainly emptied out.  Haven’t heard anyone complain about traffic for days. Priorities have shifted to staying in touch with family and friends, who needs help, toilet paper, alcohol,  chicken, cleaning products, breaking news, and guns. There is definitely a rising fear and worry being expressed out loud from six feet distances about the continued lack of testing and medical/protective equipment for those courageous people caring for others in so many ways.  The mixed bag of information, accessibility to medical care/testing, attitudes, and responses offered… often conflicting. Humans, as a species,  are in one shared world of trouble with Coronovirus (Covid-19).

In the Coconino National Forest surrounding Sedona there is a swelling number of RV’s, tents, and vehicles crammed to roof with stuff.  In the pull offs, parking areas, tucked back abit on a Forest Service unpaved road off the highway, some appear to form small communities that show up somewhere else after two weeks per Forest Service Rules. We took a ride up the Canyon, up past the snowline, the switchback gates open and road clear. Several of the camp grounds that line Oak Creek had lots of campers.

Oak Creek sings loud, clear,  rushing this new Spring forward strong; flowing fast from recent rains and snow-melt.

We  did abit of a walk about on the edge of the Colorado Plateau looking down the length of  Oak Creek Canyon. The air was fresh, clean, filled with the sounds, smells of Spring.  Way up high the sun drenched the forest canopy of this Ponderosa Forest… wind sending sparkling pine bough scented snow showers to mist the face.  There was the sound of  water everywhere, dripping off the agave, trees, and scrubs.  Water gathered in cracked lava, small rivulets between boulders were turning into impromptu running water. Later to join other water into cascading falls off the lava edge past white sandstone to red rocks …so briefly that if you are not there you missed it.  Birds were noisily romancing. It smelled delicious of sun on wet spring forest floor, and real pine.

There was no sign, symptom, sense of risk here, presence or existence of the current Global Pandemic of the Corona-virus Disease (COVID-19).  There was no BREAKING NEWS.   One of the best things about nature is how  She offers us places to sort ourselves out, think things through, and get our priorities clear during this shared Global Pandemic called Coronovirus (Covid-19).  It’s certainly where I needed to be.

Stay safe. Be kind. We must take good care our ourselves and one another.

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