For A Moment

“If you take a flower in your hand
And really look at it,
It’s your world for a moment.”
Georgia O’Keeffe

Finding the unfolding of Spring right on time has the quality of restoring a semblance of balance amidst the increasing uncertainty and diversity of the human response to  Coronovirus (Covid-19) Global Pandemic.

Seeking out the quiet of more remote areas to hike and wander.

There is this new appreciation for being out in the middle of nowhere and being able to set aside masks and gloves and feel the full sun on the face and the textures of the world.


Earth Day is tomorrow.  She has brought a huge bouquet of Wildflowers for us this Spring.

And while we will not be sharing Meteors or Birthdays in person with the Grands this year, and miss doing so terribly, we are all, including you dear readers, in the midst of  of the Lyrids Meteor Showers. They will be active April 16- 30th peaking on Earth Day,  best just before dawn, and something spectacular to share.  Most prominent in the Northern Hemisphere but visible in the Southern Hemisphere too. There is less than one percent moonlight this year. Lyrids are capable of fireballs!

(Shower details : Radiant: 18:04 +34° – ZHR: 18 – Velocity: 30 miles/sec (medium – 48.4km/sec) – Parent Object: C/1861 G1 (Thatcher)

Thank you for stopping by and supporting Stay safe everyone, help where and how  you best can during this Global Crisis, and be be kind and compassionate. Best and highest outcomes for all of us.



  1. So glad to hear from you! So glad to know you are well! And thank God that we have our lovely Arizona to get away from the craziness! Keep well my friend!


    1. Hard to wrap the mind around this entire unfolding of big world changes.ANd a Pandemic. Been, seen, studied, done alot in this one lifetime and must say that I have no frame or wealth of experience to respond to the last couple of years except I know that I must seek factual information and trust my own council, love my family and friends fiercely and without reservation, and continue to find the beauty and good humor where I can. Like the beautiful meteors I saw this morning including one with a huge tail that crossed the sky from North to South.
      You and Peggy take care and keep safe. Always my best to you. Thanks for visiting my website.


    1. Finding myself big deal grateful that there are areas here where we can practice social isolation outside where Spring wildflowers, cactus, and all manner of greenery, wildlife and birds are arriving to this familiar high desert. There is this sense of right felt balance and a reminding that amidst the current and future instability of global health, governments, and economic challenges facing the majority of regular folks including myself, my family, everyone I know actually…well I must say that getting way far outside is huge for me right now.


  2. Thank you for the follow, Johanna! Most of us will survive this pandemic and perhaps be a little kinder in the future? I said thank you to the lady who was disinfecting Kroger today to keep us safe. K x


    1. It’s been a mixed bag of responses to taking precautions here in AZ. Supermarkets have their employees wearing masks and gloves, but a large percentage of the customers don’t. There is nothing like someone sneezing all over the beautifully misted fresh lettuce display, to send me home to rethink what kind of consumer I am going to be going forward. Stay kind and stay safe Kerry. All my best to you.

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