All This Foolishness

“What if I went back to sleep for a while and forgot all this foolishness,” he thought.
Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa was a ‘traveling man’ in the short fiction story Metamorphosis by Frans Kafka.  Proudly supporting his family, and happiest when off the road from selling and in his own bed at home.  One morning he wakes up in surprise and disbelief. His physical body has transformed into an out-sized dung-beetle, while within he remains aware, conscience, and himself. Labeling it to foolishness, the stuff of dreaming, he decides to return fully to sleep.

While not waking to find my body transformed into a dung beetle, I continue to wake up surprised many morning that my physical body is old.


Not the physical body matching the full tilt boogie Spring day my mind, spirit, emotions, or the universe are all agreed on having.  Rain song on the roof overnight, the smells of creosote bush, rosemary, cypress, and pine on crisp clean air, and blue sky through the window;  No way does the old body decide this Monday Morning.  Rain in the high desert is a cleansing, renewing,  all inclusive baptism. Time to rise and shine.

Wasn’t long into this morning walk about of the neighborhoods, that the body was keeping up just fine, and then some.  So many new faces of people home in the mornings now,   It’s the most colorful time in these neighborhoods with every tree, flower, and cactus so attention grabbing. No dung beetle sightings,

Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share these photos with you. Your support appreciated. Stay safe this week, and keep your wits about you.


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