Without Memory

Without Memory
There is No Culture
Without Memory
There Would Be No Civilization
No Society
No Future.
Elie Wiesal

The United States, the country where I live, celebrates Decoration Day today. A day to pause and honor all those who have passed while serving in all branches of the military for the armed forces. As a child I would accompany my Father to numerous graveyards and graves to place flags to honor veterans he knew, and tell me their bravery and their families connection to our community. Gratitude to each and everyone of them, and all those who serve.

These many years later, now called Memorial Day, considered to be the first long weekend of summer in the USA and tourism is being promoted and promises made of safety first when it comes to contracting the Covid-19 virus.  Folks must surely keep their own selves safe, using their own best and highest judgement.

Peace, blessings, and  stay safe.

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