Break Clear Away

Keep close to Nature’s heart…
And break clear away,
Once in awhile,
And climb a mountain
Or spend a week in the woods.
Wash your spirit clean.
John Muir
Secret Canyon Wilderness Area- Sedona Arizona – Summer 2020

Every once in awhile the Universe shows up so pure, breathtaking, filled with power and grace. Hadn’t been up into this area for several years, and it was just as challenging and totally worth it now as then. Just when some insightful reminder of best next steps was needed, the sun broke through the slot canyon pointing the way quite dramatically. A real straighten your spine, stand up straight, square your shoulders, grateful to be alive experience.
 Big hiking and climbing day, lots of rattlers, picnic lunch, and indeed a couple of
‘old spirits washed clean.’
Pleased to share these photos with you.  Thank you for stopping by. Your support of is appreciated.  Peace, Blessings and a safe week to each and everyone.
 Tuesday, June 16, 2020  the state of Arizona reported more than 2,000 new cases in a single day, per state data. The record was 1,654 new cases reported on June 12.
There are lots of visitors returning to not just Sedona, but all of Arizona. More locals out and about, and businesses open. It’s a mixed brew of global people that ebb and flow through the Verde Valley in addition to the resident population. There  are  people who take the Virus seriously and are following CDC recommendations. From what I have read, observed, and witnessed just under half  of folks out and about  have never and claim they will never….wear a mask, stay home, social distance, or consider CDC guidelines.  Every day the numbers of cases and deaths due to the Coronovirus continues to rise here in Arizona.
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