Kindness of Ravens?

Raven (Corvus Corax)-Summer 2020 Verde Valley Arizona – JoHanna Massey

Lammas just passing, dawn coming later each day. There’s  a hint of a season change in a brief period of cool at dawn, still no rain. It’s tinder dry here. Like to take a good look around the immediate perimeters   during the between time when the seasons begin fermenting towards change.   Turns out  Raven and I  share territorial boundaries They have a firmly fixed and defended geographical territory for their families, often incorporating human changes to the land (ie  roads, fences, trails, Planned Unit Development boundaries). We watched each other.

Ravens are usually identified by three different names depending on what they are getting themselves up to:

A ‘constable’ of ravens is a group of guardian ravens. Bursting across a hiking trail to a pine nut or cypress tree, red rock overhang, or mid trail…to engage in their deep throat croaking and laughing; at or with not established. Or about the snake that is bound to be just ahead somewhere? Witnessed  them do swooping mid air somersaults along the columnar lava wall rim of the Colorado Plateau, seemingly defying gravity, catching air-currents that beckon and tease there.

Called this weeks companions a conspiracy  more than once as four of them organized a hunt for fledgling quails, reducing a half raised family of thirteen young down to three in just a few days, the distress and carnage graphic, ugly.

Their gluttony truly qualified them for the title unkindness, as they devoured the discarded remains of a  human fast food orgy dumped at Fay Canyon Trailhead. Stuffed, laden, weighed down by super-fries and double beef paddies, fish sandwiches, and chicken strips these unkind ravens could no longer take flight. They hopped about and unable to fly returned to defending their largess from the ground squirrel who had found it first to begin with.

Raven Photo Gallery:

There are hundreds of stories, myths, writings on Ravens. My favorite book is : Ravensong: A Natural and Fabulous History of Ravens and Crows. Written by Catherine Feher -Elston Illustrated by: Lawrence Ormsby. It has a playful balance of History, Science, Myth, the Spiritual, and the Divine, always feeling factual and the pictures are simply truthful.

Peace and Blessings to each one of you. Know that your stopping by and visiting is very much appreciated. Please stay safe.


    1. Hello Loisajay, good to hear from you. I was surprised to see the Ravens organize to hunt the quail. Nature offers so many opportunities for tears. From the most beautiful scenes one can ever imagine to unspeakable cruelties. Great to hear from you always. All my best and thank you for your support of my website dear Loisajay.

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    1. Thank you. I read where they recognize their familiar’s individual voices. I have heard them imitating dogs barking, and the song of the robin all within the same few minutes. Amazing birds. Thank you for commenting. All my best to you.


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