To Reflect Those Ideals

The truth is
That the vast majority of Americans
Are good, fair, and just,
And they want their country
To reflect those ideals.
Kamala Harris

Early hike and climb around the Slim Shady, Castle Rock area. Had the trails to ourselves, and the sky putting on quite a drama of colors and contrasts.

Peace and Blessings to each and everyone. Thank you for stopping by and supporting


  1. My wife and I drove cross-country last September, fortunately before the pandemic, and visited many of the national parks. On our swing through Arizona we stayed two nights in Sedona and I hiked Oak Creek Canyon the same day you posted photos from the same area. How ironic! Comments weren’t open on your page that day so I wasn’t able to write you. If you wish you can see my photos at
    Keep up the fabulous and inspiring work.

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    1. So happy for you that you got a big cross country road trip in ‘Before.’ So many conversations and memories are in the framework of before the pandemic.
      Your photos and videos of Oak Creek Canyon are beautiful. Thank you for getting in touch.

      Encourage anyone reading this comment to visit Jim’s website to view them for yourself in the link above.


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