Still Masked and Social Distanced

I hope bluebirds dance in your soul.
Al Batt

Bluebirds are back, or perhaps they are new ones just arrived, perhaps just passing through.  The male much flashier in color. Bluer even, than an Arizona sky. Sparrows; mostly peaceable with the doves, quails, hummingbirds, and finches, will attack the bluebirds with a viciousness I did not think them capable of. The bluebirds song is worth a pause to listen too. Three notes, doubled. In early morning a more complex and enticing tune. To let all thoughts about anything but the melody of spring birdsong  drop away. So good. I well imagine that there is birdsong going on somewhere in your day too. Encourage you to seek it out. Embrace a listen.

Peace and Blessings to each and everyone.  Please stay safe, help how and who you can in this time of tremendous need by so many globally. Thank you for stopping by and your continued support of


  1. We have at least 3 pair of bluebirds frequenting our feeders. We noticed the competing males are now dive bombing the other males to protect their chosen nesting site and the meal worms we put out for them.


    1. 3 Pairs! Oh that is most excellent. My Peterson Bird Guides are old, claim blue birds ‘very common,’ and I wondered if it was a case of outdated book since one pair showing up and holding still for a photo is cause for celebration and a photo in our backyard. Hope all three pairs in your feeders nest and you get to see the babies. Thank you for stopping by. All my best to you. Stay safe.

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      1. We have lived here five years and this is the first year the bluebirds have come to our feeders. We did have them nest before, but they never approached the feeder. I think they may be cautious in nature.


    1. Hello to you! Hope all is well at your house, your family healthy and thriving, and signs of spring are showing up in your beautiful back yard. Love you dearly. Thank you for your kind words.


  2. Glad to read “Still Masked and Social Distanced.”
    Texas just gave the ALL CLEAR. I’m not leaving my house and not answering the door!
    Weather good to sit out back and watch the birds.


  3. The birds at my feeders are the only ones who get a pass on social distancing. The rest of us are getting closer by the day, don’t let your guard down. Stay safe!


    1. Hello to you. What a beautiful phrase in ‘a shared affection’ you wrote about birds. While not a birder as far as lists, identification, and competitions etc goes I do love the birds and especially if they will sit still and sing me a song as I try to get a clear photo. Thanks for stopping by. All my best and please stay safe.

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    1. Bluebirds always bring a smile. And indeed you are blessed to have them dancing in your backyard! All my best to you. Thank you for your comment and I do believe you are the newest follower to Always appreciated. Stay safe.

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