Huckaby Trail #161 Sedona Arizona


One of my favorites, Huckaby Trail #161 is  in all of it’s Sedona splendor and  glory, a moderate just about three mile hike one way, with several Oak Creek rock hopping crossings. There is a  variety of views from seeing what is currently being bulldozed, built or rearrange in  town  , as well as excellent opportunities to experience Bear Wallow, plus favorite photographed  formations such as the Turkey, Camel, Mitten, Snoopy. Once through Bear Wallow Wash, up and around the bend where Oak Creek Canyon shows up to delight along with the Wilson Mountain and Steamboat Rock.

In the distance Midgley Bridge shows up. Hike Downward into the flood plain, into the riparian floor of Oak Creek Canyon, the perspective completely changed,  with Oak Creek flowing and the trees, vines, bushes, and light play  creating a fantasy land of color.

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It was a most excellent day. The climb out of the Canyon seems to get steeper with passing years. Oak Creek Canyon is the best for Fall Foliage I have witnessed in many years. Pleased to share these photos with you. Thank you for stopping by and supporting Peace and Blessings to each and everyone. Stay safe.

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