More Carefully Examined

“See now the power of truth;
The same experiment
Which at first glance
Seemed to show one thing,
When more carefully examined,
Assures us of the contrary.”
Galileo Galilei,

Raptor: Super B&W- Photo: JoHanna Massey Autumn 2017

Have photographed the raptors several more times since  ‘Unless We Go Alittle Crazy.‘ Photographing them is simply bliss, chunks of time fall away and by return home to peruse the newest images, I’m surprised to find the morning vanished too.

Enjoying the focus on editing several sets of the same subjects, each unique, experimenting with all the variations and editing options, often for the first time. The  focus and attention to details grows.  Today I am experimenting with the Black & White features of the tools.

In response to Krista Steven’s choice for subject in this week’s  WordPress Photo Challenge: Experimental

Galileo Galilei, Quote FromDiscorsi E Dimostrazioni Matematiche: Intorno a Due Nuoue Scienze, Attenenti Alla Mecanica & I Movimenti Locali

News/Music: Jeff Sessions, Puerto Rico/Cole Porter

Wishing each and everyone their  best and highest outcomes.

Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus

Experimental: adjective1 the experimental stage: exploratory, investigational, trial, test, pilot; speculative, conjectural, hypothetical, tentative, preliminary, untested, untried.2 experimental music: innovative, innovatory, new, original, radical, avant-garde, cutting-edge, alternative, unorthodox, unconventional; informal way-out.REFLECTIONS Stephin MerrittexperimentalStrictly, experimental music is a style of composition in which the actual sound produced is beside the point. Historically, it was a genre lasting from August 29, 1952, the day of the premiere of John Cage’s 4’33” (the ‘silent’ piece), until the 1974 publication of Michael Nyman’s book Experimental Music: Cage and Beyond, which negated the genre by defining its limits.

Unless……We Get A Little Crazy

Miracles will happen
As we speak
But we’re never
Gonna survive …unless
We get a little crazy-
Crazy- Seal


Hawks  arrive unannounced… my lived long life.  When three show up, two Harlan’s and a Red tailed on one morning walk, chances are they arrive  and bestow with a screech, glide,  and potent stare,…. a feeling of optimism, encouragement, wonderment, and change, …which I am pleased to share a glimpse of with you. A most excellent way to begin the day.


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In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Peek to show you a peek this week of what I see and am able to capture on the camera.

Oxford American’s Writer’s Thesaurus;

PEEK- noun: a peek at the map: secret look, sly look, stealthy look, sneaky look, peep, glance, glimpse, hurried/quick look; informal gander, squint.

Wishing each and everyone a most safe and peaceful weekend.


The Cleanest Windows

“Writers often have the cleanest
windows, floors, fridges, and toilets
the most up-to-date filing system
or the best record for returning calls or e-mails
because in the moment,
just about any task seems more palatable
than sitting down to write.”
Mark David Gerson, The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write

In response to WordPress Photo Challenge – Windows

Amid The Noise And Haste

Go placidly amid
The noise and haste,
And remember what peace
There may be in silence.”
Max Ehrman- ‘Desiderata’


Peace and Blessings to each and every one.

Today’s Music: Further To Fly – Almaz Yebio Group from the Alblum

“Down To Earth”

An Act of Survival

“I have come to believe
That caring for myself
Is not self-indulgent
Caring for myself
Is an act of survival.” Audre Lorde

"Window To The Past" Roxanne Swentzell Santa Clara-Tewa, Heard Museum -Bronze 1999- Photo: JoHanna Massey May 2016

Cognitive Restructuring, Surrender, Retreat, Rest and Relaxation. Time Out, Closed, Psychic Battery Recharge, Treatment, Havana Health Spa, Stay-cation, meditation, or chakra realignment…Time to get quiet is upon me for quite a few days running. The townhouse got  a good spring scrubbing, and seasonal go over of the maintenance  completed. A family birthday celebrated,


   Stack of books bedside


Hikes, naps, and large quantities of hot spearmint scented bath water.

Temporary severing contact with Chris Matthews, Dianne Rehm, Gwen and Judy. Thinking I may avoid them until after the November Election Cycle.  Binge watching The Last Detective in that hour gaps, Dangerous Davies and Mod Lewis my news hours best friends. Sunday New York Times lingered over for several days.


Peace to each and every one.

PLaying with the Pic Monkey at Sunset

Today’s Music: Fiona Apple “Container” ..theme from The Affair

So Late So Soon

How did it get so late so soon?
Its night before its afternoon.
December is here before its June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?

Dr. Seuss

This gift of being able  to witness sunrises over the Mogollon Rim.and that same sun traveling the sky to set over the Mingus Mountains is a real indication to me the possibility of the Grand Finales this old part of my life  is offering full tilt boogie.

Sunrise Mogollon Rim Sedona Arizona Photo: JoHanna Massey

 DSCN1800 hunger moon
Today’s post is in response to WordPress Photos Theme: Seasons
 Jen H. chose the theme for this weeks subject:
Seasons: Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.

This is a smart and very popular weekly themed photo show up on WordPress. No pressure, no stress, just an inspiration for your creative photo leanings to be shared and admired by others who appreciate a good photo as much as you do, and a chance for you to see the surprise of how varied our perceptions of life is.

I’ve also placed this post in the Senior Forum at Haddons MusingsI enjoy a good visit over at Haddons Musings for the smart feminist essays, the positive and energetic style, and how connected Haddons Musings is with a community of interesting people. This is just an excellent and well done website to visit and be inspired by.

Todays Music: Chad & Jeremy – Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

Seed Catalog Arrival

Seed Catalog Arrival
Optimistic Talisman of Spring.
JoHanna Massey

Optimism-Photo: JoHannaMassey

This week I was asked: “Show us something you’re optimistic about, or perhaps a talisman that helps you stay positive and hopeful, regardless of what life (and the weather!) throws your way.

It gets no more Optimistic  than  the arrival of the Seed Catalogs. The colorful pages promise  many a wintry afternoon of memories, plans, and optimistic daydreaming of the next bountiful  garden.

Why not follow join and support this weeks weekly WordPress Photo Theme: Optimistic.

Have an excellent peaceful weekend 🍅

Today’s Music: The Best of Wagner


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