After silence,
That which comes nearest
To expressing the inexpressible
Is music.
                                                      Aldous Huxley
News: July 2018
Music: Simon & Garfunkel- Little Sparrow
News/Music/References: June 2018
News:  May 2018
Music: Pete Seeger: Up & Down The River
Post: May 2018- Chose Passion Over Security
Music: Lady Madonna- Beatles
Post: May 2018-
Music: Mason Williams – Classical Gas w/ Deborah Henson-Conant
Post: April 2018
Music: Jimmy Page, & Robert Plant- The Rain Song
Post: I Would Venture To Guess- April 2018
Vanity Fair- Trump’s Moment of Truth-                       
 Music: Chicago- Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Post: A One Time Event
News/ Music:  April 9, 2018
Music: Revolution- Tracy Chapman
Post: Immigrants and Revolutionists- April 1, 2018
 Music: Revolution- Beatles
Post: Rise/Set-  March 2018
Handel’s Messiah -London Symphony
Music: Miles Davis- On Green Dolphin Street
Music: Mary J Blige/U2- One
Post: It Saves Going To Heaven
Music: Ohio- Crosby Stills, Nash & Young
Post: The Best Thing
 Music: Van Morrison: Into The Mystic
Photo Essay: Rising From Marsh Mud
News: U.S. Government About To Borrow One Trillion Dollars- Washington Post- February 3, 2018
Washington Post- February 3, 2018
The Follower Factory: New York Times January 2018
Music: Almost Cut My Hair- David Crosby
Photo Essay:  January 18, 2018- A Grand Gift of Silence
U.S. Government Shut Down– Washington Post- January 20, 2018
Sound of Silence; Simon & Garfunkel
Post: January 15- Take The Tantalizing Drug
Music: Dion- Abraham, Martin John,
Facebook Fiddling Has Magnified Fake News– New York Times January 14, 2018
Source: Mark Schoofs, BuzzFeed Buzzfeed- Document Cloud
Source: Released to Public by Senator Diane Feinstein –
Copy obtained via – Dana Farrington, NPR
Curiouser & Curiouser- December 2017
Music: Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice
News: The Worst Antiscience BS in 2017– Mother JOnes
Starving To Death – Washington Post
12 Best Countries To Live In– Business Insider
Music: Mad World -Alex Cross
 December 19, 2017-
News: The Year From Above- New York Times- Excellent photos of the view of Mother Earth from space during the year’s big events.
December 16, 2017
Music:Rocket Man: David Bowie
December 8, 2017:  Coyote Falls:  Coyote and Roadrunner
Music: Lee Shore: Crosby , Stills, Nash
Neil Young: Like A Hurricane
Music: Taj Mahal- Done Changed My Way Of Living
Music : Cole Porter (featuring Gertrude Lawrence) : Experiment
Jeff Sessions:
Puerto Rico :
Joni Mitchell: Urge For Going
Seal- Crazy
Nora Jones: You Don’t Know What It Means To Be Me
There’s Hope India Arie
7 & O Clock News: Silent Night: Simon & Garfunkel
Bruce Springsteen- Ghost of Tom Joad
Odetta: Ramblin Round Your City:
Joni Mitchell: Amelia
 David Crosby: She’s Got To Be Somewhere



Black Crow – Joni MItchell


The Trump Show: Season 1- Week 22- Washington Post June 23, 2017


Post: Something Infinitely Healing
Gordon Lightfoot- Beautiful
Post: # Wordless Wednesday – May 31, 2017
Joni Mitchell- Cactus Tree
 Post: People Who Came Before Us.
May 1 2017-Beltane

West World Strings Cover:

Washington Post: Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech

Post: Amid The Noise and Haste

Music: Further To Fly– Almaz Yebio Group from the Alblum “Down To Earth”


Pete Seeger- If I Had A Hammer
Post:: Snow Day In Sedona

From Todays Reads: Madeleine Albright :  Trump Travel Ban Gift To Terrorists

Pete Seeger- If I Had A Hammer

Today’s Music:  I’m Happy When I’m Hiking- Ralph Butler, Raymond Wallace

Post: Full House Holidays


Today’s Read:  Online and Scared- Thomas Freedman New York Times 1/11/2017

Post: Changing Cycle of Years-

Accompanying Post: To Let Things Seem Normal


The Lead: Jake Tapper


Music- Leonard Cohen, Judy Collins “Suzanne”


#Wordless Wednesday 26