After silence,
That which comes nearest
To expressing the inexpressible
Is music.
                                                      Aldous Huxley
Songs come to mind throughout the day.  I am pleased to share some music and sometimes news stories that have caught my attention


Post: – Raven

Black Crow – Joni MItchell


The Trump Show: Season 1- Week 22- Washington Post June 23, 2017


Raven: Omar Shariff

 Jazz: Saxophone- July 2017
Post: Something Infinitely Healing
Gordon Lightfoot- Beautiful
Post: # Wordless Wednesday – May 31, 2017
Joni Mitchell- Cactus Tree
 Post: People Who Came Before Us.
May 1 2017-Beltane

West World Strings Cover:

Washington Post: Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech

Post: Amid The Noise and Haste

Music: Further To Fly– Almaz Yebio Group from the Alblum “Down To Earth”


Pete Seeger- If I Had A Hammer
Post:: Snow Day In Sedona

From Todays Reads: Madeleine Albright :  Trump Travel Ban Gift To Terrorists

Pete Seeger- If I Had A Hammer

Today’s Music:  I’m Happy When I’m Hiking- Ralph Butler, Raymond Wallace

Post: Full House Holidays


Today’s Read:  Online and Scared- Thomas Freedman New York Times 1/11/2017

Post: Changing Cycle of Years-

Accompanying Post: To Let Things Seem Normal


The Lead: Jake Tapper


Music- Leonard Cohen, Judy Collins “Suzanne”


#Wordless Wednesday 26