Las Vegas Nevada USA

“The first thing he noticed
Was that Las Vegas seemed
To have invented
A new school
Of functional architecture,
‘The Gilded Mousetrap School’
He thought it might be called,
Whose main purpose was to channel
The customer-mouse into
The central gambling trap whether he wanted the cheese or not.”
― Ian Fleming, Diamonds Are Forever

PicMonkey Collage copy

Spring 1999:  Sweet Terry and I had Friday thru Monday off together from work, and a new Hotel/Casino called Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada.With sparse discussion and no planning, we packed our back packs and drive from Sedona Arizona to  Las Vegas Nevada. An excellent six hour Road Trip going and coming. We had a beautiful suite at a reasonable cost. The full service spa was deserted except for the attendants who upon hearing I worked in the PicMonkey Collage 2service industry in Sedona were quick to fuss and pamper me. Sweet Terry and I  walked about this spectacular built in the middle of the desert gaudiness and were in complete laugh out loud awe of it. Eating  Alaskan King Crab Legs for breakfast and raw oysters and grilled lobster for lunch. Dinner was overflowing seafood buffets.  Placed One quarter in a different slot machine in a different casino every day and won nothing. Took photos, and ignored the small street  boys hawking  and hustling us for the services of limousines, prostitutes, nude shows, pawn shops, and bails bondsmen. PicMonkey Collage #3Sweet Terry and I lingered in cafes with live music early in the mornings over rich coffee,  fresh fruit drinks, and danced to a long live version of “Smooth.” Time slipped further from us on each tram ride to and from Mandalay Bay, with it’s shark tanks,  parrots in jungle foliage, and flowers all commingling in the lobby, water flowing everywhere, a room so comfortable the  sharp edges in the body, mind, and emotions we arrived with  did not enter.

We left Vegas smiling late Sunday night, making it back to Sedona just in time to get a couple coffees to go  and show up for Monday morning work.

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Vegas 1999 Photo: JoHanna Massey


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Today’s Music: Santana- Smooth