David Bowie: Story of A Flaming Heart

Nothing splendid
Was ever created in cold blood.
Heat is required
To forge anything.
Every great accomplishment
Is the story of a flaming heart.

 Enjoyed David Bowie’s huge catalog of creativity. What a joy. May he rest in peace.
Today’s Music:  Heroes: David Bowie


This Little Light of Mine

The beads on my forehead
Are symbols of my third eye-The Eye of Vision.
All of my schooling has been through music.
It was through folk music
That my spine was straightened.
I cut my hair
And let it go natural-nappy.
I let my personality out.
Thinking for yourself
Is something we must bring to education.
We women need to pass that on
To younger generations.- Odetta


 Best Self

Julia at My Red Page has Upped The Ante,  This weeks Camera Lucida Theme: Self Portrait.

I settled on a collage that speaks to how I view a  Best Self.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Get yourself on over to My Red Page and show us who you are.

Today’s Music: Guaranteed inspiration and feel good time when                Odetta sings “This Little Light of Mine”.

Camera Lucida: Reflections

“There is, I believe, no person, however insignificant in the world, but, if an account of his life and adventures were committed to paper, would be entertaining in some degree: the follies of our own life, and those we are liable to be drawn into by others, will constantly afford matter for serious reflection.”
Henry Spencer Ashbee

Cohansey River Thaw- Photo: JoHanna Massey

If you are new to my website, Camera Lucida is a regular feature created by Julia at My Red Page where she inspires us to express our creativity through story and/or photo focused on a well chosen and often challenging theme. Camera Lucida is where the very hippest coolest of the bloggers are showing up to submit their work, enjoy,  and be inspired by their fellow Lucidites. I’ve been involved for several months now and it is not only great fun, but I have connected with so many talented people who support and encourage me to my best creativity.

This weeks theme: Reflections

It’s always interesting to look at reflections…are they really the same as the reality?

How many times did you look at your own reflection and wondered if that’s how the world sees you…?

This week’s theme is: Reflections…show us how we look at the world upside down…how we see ourselves from the other side…how water seems to be the borderline between reality and imagination…show us who looks back from the mirror…make this week your own and tell us a story that will make us reflect:)

This is the most perfect theme for me this week as I am sailing Sophia up the Cohansey River immersed in writing Connor’s Reach, and the images that are reflecting back at us from the breaking up of a very long novel writing freeze are exhilarating, and indeed hard work.

I’ll be over to visit with all the coolest of cool ones  soon to see what you have created for this week’s theme, and if you haven’t joined  Camera Lucida yet… we look forward to your arrival!


“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real,
And you’re just a reflection of him?”
― Bill Watterson

Today’s Music: In My Life- Beatles

Camera Lucida: Metal

For Want of a Nail

Photo by: JoHanna MasseyFor want of a Nail
The Shoe was lost
For Want of a Shoe
The Horse was lost
For Want of a Horse
The Rider was lost
All being overtaken
And slain by the Enemy
All for the want of Care
About a Horse-shoe Nail.
Benjamin Franklin 1758

Dead Horse State Park Cottonwood Arizona USA Photo by: JoHanna Massey

Metal Sculpture- Dead Horse State Park, Cottonwood Arizona USA                       Photos by: JoHanna Massey

While Julia at My Red Page was on break a few of my photos  began to rust. Wouldn’t you know it?  Camera Lucida theme this week is Metal!                        

That is how cool and intuitive Julia can be. So whether you are feeling alittle rusty or not ….get yourself into action …and go on over to join in, check out, support Camera Lucida at My Red Page.

This week’s theme: Metal

  1. a solid material which is typically hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile, with good electrical and thermal conductivity (e.g. iron, gold, silver, and aluminum, and alloys such as steel).
  2. broken stone for use in road-making.
    “the work also involves dealing with rock aggregates for potential use as suitable road metal”

How Dead Horse State Park  Got Its Name:

The story of the park’s name begins with the Ireys family, who came to Arizona from Minnesota looking for a ranch to buy in the late 1940s. At one of the ranches they discovered a large dead horse lying by the road. After two days of viewing ranches, Dad Ireys asked the kids which ranch they liked the best. The kids said, “the one with the dead horse, Dad!” The Ireys family chose the name Dead Horse Ranch and later, in 1973, when Arizona State Parks acquired the park, the Ireys made retaining the name a condition of sale.

Today’s Music: America “Horse With No Name”

Camera Lucida: The Colour of Life

           “We were at the bar, and Bruce was talking.”                                                Melissa Ethridge                       

Julia at My Red Page hosts a weekly feature called Camera Lucida. Each week Julia  picks a theme  and photography enthusiasts show up with their own work and interpretation. She invited me to join over a month ago, and it has been such fun I show up every chance I get.

This week’s theme: The Colour of Life

  1. Colour – the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.
  2. Life – a particular type or aspect of existence

My contribution is a photo of a mural depicting the regulars that frequent a bar in Montego Bay. While I am not usually much for gossip, what  was overheard is such good scuttlebutt,  that is too good not to share:

Wall Mural, Montego Bay“Bruce has always been so nice to me, which is crazy, because he’s one of my heroes. I’ll never forget being at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony the year Bruce and Paul McCartney were inducted. We were at the bar, and Bruce was talking to Paul, and he turned to me and said, ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to Paul McCartney!’ I thought, ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to Bruce Springsteen, like who’s talking to Paul McCartney!”

Camera Lucida is gaining steadily in popularity, and the variety of contributions grows.  Get there or be square!

Today’s Music: Melissa Ethridge- I’m The Only One.


Camera Lucida: The Sign

“Raven was not thought of as a god. He was thought of as the transformer, the trickster. He was the being that changed things—sometimes quite by accident, sometimes on purpose.”
—Christian White, Haida artist

Julia at My Red Page has chosen The Sign for this weeks theme for          Camera Lucida, her ever growing in popularity and participation photo challenge.

This week’s theme: The Sign

  1. an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.
  2. a gesture or action used to convey information or an instruction.
  3. a notice on public display that gives information or instructions in a written or symbolic form.

Your challenge this week is to take a photo of a sign that gets your focus, something out of the ordinary or just a snapshot of ‘the simple’ from a new perspective.

Here is my entry:

DSCN0419Arriving home

To Ravens.

On the roof


Not just the season

Was gonna change.



Don’t you think it is time you stopped on over to My Red Page and joined Camera Lucida.?

Peace and Blessings to all.

Today’s Music: Joni Mitchell “Black Crow”