Snow Day In Sedona

Sedona Arizona In Snow
Photo: JoHanna Massey 2017
Corruption is like a ball of snow,
Once it’s set a rolling
It must increase.
Charles Caleb Colton




Todays Reads:

Executive Order Protecting Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry To United States

Number Of People Affected by Trumps Travel Ban

Resistance To Trump Travel Ban

Madeleine Albright (former US Secretary of State) :  On Trump Executive Travel Ban

Todays Music:  Pete Seegar- If I Had A Hammer


Walking With The Universe

Sorrento Italy
Photo: JoHanna Massey

“She made broken look beautiful
and strong look invincible.
She walked with the Universe
on her shoulders and made it
look like a pair of wings.”
Ariana Danc

Surprised, thrilled, and optimism restored  in response to The January 21, 2017 Global Women’s March. The strength, beauty, and gracefulness of this beloved  statute in Sorrento Italy speaks to me and for me.

Today’s Ideas for Activism are focused on Literacy.

Local: Literacy Volunteers

US: Reading is Fundamental

Global: International Library Association – Book Donations

Todays Read:  1984 -George Orwell (free online full text edition)

Today’s Music: Aretha Franklin & the Eurythmics -Sisters  Are Doin It For Themselves

Today’s, Just Say No To: Alternative Facts

In response to WordPress Photo Challenges: Graceful

A safe, peaceful,  and most excellent week to everyone.

Today’s Breaking News

Oak Creek Vista Colorado Plateau Photo: 
JoHanna Massey

“You used to ride on the chrome horse with your diplomat
Who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat
Ain’t it hard when you discover that
He really wasn’t where it’s at
After he took from you everything he could steal.-”
Like A Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan

Today’s Breaking News: 

Having voted early by mail I skipped both the latest ‘soft launch’ of  Trump TV and the third and last United States Presidential debates, both which aired in the same evening this week.

The townhouse is a clutter with Halloween decorations, the neighborhood flush with political and property For Sale signs. Familial holiday plans are  made, and  people are misbehaving in Walmart. The color and mood of tourists and residents alike is pulsing purple, as Arizona goes  Red to Blue. and has just over 1000 followers.

Version 2

Talk about making Granny happy! Thank you so much. I enjoy creating this space. Even more, I love being able  to connect globally with so many interesting people and learn of their lives, interact, and watch their own websites grow and thrive.  It is pure magic. A gift I never considered even possible for most of my life as the technology did not exist.

Two new bookshelves, only a few more boxes until I am unpacked, five pots of privet to grow out to learn topiary, reading The Art of War- Sun Tzu- the Thomas Cleary  hard copy translation, A Reporter’s Life by Walter Cronkite.  Evenings with old Woody Allen movies, Hollywood Ending, and Broadway Danny Rose up next for shared  viewing pleasure. Giving

Bob Dylan another listen, and had quite forgotten just how much I enjoyed some of his music, or how globally relevant it feels today.

Sweet Terry and I have been binge hiking, the weather and availability of so many places to explore making it impossible to remain indoors. Photographing our hikes, being inspired and invigorated by entire days spent with nature. I am  excited to share in a separate photo essay  what was a colorful day out and about yesterday, up Oak Creek Canyon to the Snowbowl to photograph the fall foliage.  Been embracing every moment in a stretch of perfect days.

And again, thank you for your part in making such a  success. All my best to you. Be safe and have a peaceful week coming.

You can find the photo essay on our day out from Oak Creek Canyon to the Snowbowl here:  Stretching Cycles of Years



Every Aspect of Our LIves

Pontone Italy
Photo: JoHanna Massey
Pontone Italy Photo: JoHanna Massey
Pontone Italy

“There is something
Particularly special
And personal
About the circle
And how its curves
Comfortably rule
Every aspect
Of our lives.”
Kat Lahr, Parallelism Of Cyclicality

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo: Curve

May this weekend be a peaceful one for each and everyone.

Today’s Music: While You See A chance- Steve Winwood

“When is Enough, Enough?” President Barrack OBama

June 2016: Photo: JoHanna Massey

“Being the best people
We are capable of being
Brings wholeness
To a broken world.”
Judith Orloff

 President of the United States  Barrack Obama has asked;

“When is Enough Enough?”

Our President has posed this question before when speaking to the public in the aftermath of tragedy. Following the Aurora Colorado murders at the theater, after the murders at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the December 2012  Sandy Hook Connecticut murder of twenty, five and six year old children,  and  six adult school employees. He spoke similarly with the statement following the Oregon murders at  Umpqua Community college; “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” He is certainly right about that. But I will pray anyway.

I had originally taken the  photos below to respond to WordPress Weekly Photo: Pure, but felt with  so much sorrow about the news of yet more deaths and injuries following a mass shooting, I could not do so.  How can I possibly show these  pure slivers of peace I captured with the camera on a morning walk when there was yet another dreadful  shooting?  This time in Orlando Florida, United States of America. Killing young people out dancing on a Saturday night. Exactly what  young people should be doing on a Saturday night.  Families, friends, community, and all those individuals in caring supportive roles during this time are having the worst and most challenging kind of days in their lives.

When is Enough, Enough?’ And what does “Enough”  actually look like?

Judith Orloff says it well with her words suggesting we should be the very best we are capable of being if we are to bring wholeness to the broken parts of our world.

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                Everytown for Gun Safety

Today’s Music: Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo: Pure