Out Of The Earth

“Tse-ping”  -Roxanne Swentzell
Sanata Clara Tewa, 1991

“We are all centered around the Earth
We all come from the Earth.
We are all eating out of the Earth.
Because of that,
We all become one family.”
Roxanne Swentzell

Heard Museum Roxanne Swentzell Sanata Clara Tewa, "Tse-ping" 1991 Heard Museum 2016

With Earth Day showing up right on schedule, I thought I would use the words and  photo of Roxanne Swentzell’s sculptures ” Tse-Ping” for this week’s WordPress Photo Theme: Dinnertimehttps://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/dinnertime/

These are two of a zillion photos I took with the Nikon CoolPix L830 at the Heard Museum in Phoenix Arizona this week.

A day at the Heard with the many Indigenous Cultures displays is every bit as good as a day in the Wilderness to remind me of just how silly, but dangerous,  humans are in this belief we own and control our beautiful planet Earth. What do I believe? I believe that as a species, we are perfectly capable of making this perfectly gorgeous and life sustaining planet uninhabitable for our particular species. I also believe we are perfectly capable of embracing our Mother Earth with love and respect and creating a planet that is the model of habitability of all inhabitable planets. Species in all of space will long to immigrate to Planet Earth. I could certainly do better with my impact on this planet, this space. Reducing Food Waste is on my action plan for the week.

Every day is Earth Day! Let’s join together with Michelle at WordPress,  for our shared Earthly Dinnertime feast. An excellent peace filled week to everyone.

Today’s Music: Wayra- Voices On The Wind